how it's done:
Renovated Light takes pride in recycling unwanted stuff.  We find lamps and other lighting pieces at our local recycling center; second-hand stores; junk sales and yard sales. Your lamp may be made from three different lamps from different locations!  Usable pieces are reassembled, rewired and finished.  Most lamps have a hand applied finished, unless the original finish is desirable.  Some lamp bases are made from candlesticks, spools, vases and other interesting items.

Shades are also found in many different shapes and conditions.  Most unwanted shades are ruined by water damage, age or wear.  The frames are reused and recovered with accent fabrics and trims.  Some shades are actually found in great shape, but in undesirable colors or not properly matched to their bases.  A little paint or new fabric and trim can change a shade dramatically. 

  Either way, your lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece of art!  Our shades and bases are not interchangeable.  What we have pictured in the Gallery, is what you'll get, no substitutions unless you buy two lamps and do it yourself!

H O M E                  G A L L E R Y                  O R D E R I N G  I N F O
Recycled - Rejuvenated Lamps and  Lighting by Paula
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